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This weekend is a busy one for most families, celebrating Independence Day with family and friends. Whether you are leaving town for a fun filled holiday or staying close to home, make sure your front door is ready for any and all festivities! It is a few days before the weekend and all the illegal fireworks have been going off at all hours of the night (making my dog go crazy), and it made me think that my front door is NOT ready for anything 4th of July related. I haven’t updated my front door decor since the beginning of spring when I finally took down my Christmas/winter decor(insert Hand over the face emoji). So I decided, what better way to kick off my first weekend project with you all than for a front door update!


evelyn-paris-96422Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 8.36.34 PMeduard-militaru-129396jamie-street-94244Fall-Porch-Home-Stories-A-to-ZGray-Door-Hen-Hurt-BlogGray-Door-Shaylee-Adrian

Front door’s, whether you use it or not(we don’t), are the gateway to your home and the first impression that your guests have of you and your beautiful home. After moving into my husband’s grandparents home almost 4 years ago, there is a lot of things my heart wishes I could change/update with the snap of my fingers. Unfortunately, time and money are a big obstacle for the major update I hope to do someday, but there is always time to do little updates here and there.


The first thing I did was clear all the dirt and dead leaves that have accumulated in my front porch, brushed away all spider webs, and cleaned off all the chalk my kids had artistically placed all over my front door.

Then I took everything down, cleaned it all, and reevaluated what I wanted to put back. I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on my update, wanted to use things I had around the house already, and I wanted the look to take me to the end of summer.


Here is what I came up with. Nothing too too flashy, still patriotic but with some farmhouse flare. I had the blue bandanas from my son’s Frontierland themed birthday party, the Corrugated metal ‘R’ given to me by my sister, the red lantern is actually part of some Christmas decorations I had, and the magnolia leaf wreath my mom gave me which I am in love with!  The only real thing that I bought were the paper fans which I think really completed my look and brought in a little more color. I will probably take them off after the Fourth so I can transition everything else as my summer decor. I attached everything with some twine so I wouldn’t damage my wreath. Turned out great for an afternoon project, don’t you think?!



Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 9.34.20 PM.png

  1. Paper fan set 2. Lantern 3. Ladder 4. Door mat 5. Magnolia leaf wreath                       6. Rustic Letter 7. Elephant ear succulent 8. Lantern set 9. Olive Basket 10. Door mat             11. Paper fan set

Easy peasy, just how I like it. No fuss, frugal, clean and neat. Hope you like it! Thanks for reading! Comment below if you try this out or updated your front door a different way, I would love to see your pictures! Also you can hashtag on Instagram #HomeDotFrontDoor





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