Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 10.49.09 PM.pngAs the weather gets warmer, many of us find ourselves going outdoors. If your backyard is like mine, it needs a little loving to get it to backyard party status. Bust out your broom and rake to get rid of all the winter leaves, bring out and dust off your patio furniture (blog post about revamping your cushions coming soon) and begin to think about what parts of your yard you want to give some extra attention to. Re-potting succulents is a great way to freshen your yard as well as an inexpensive way to bring some green into your home. Living in California, water is a scarce and expensive commodity, a drought friendly landscaping is definitely the way to go.
Some succulents can grow out of control, but are easy to tame. If you have succulents that are looking a little rough, follow these easy steps to give them new life.

IMG_8553.JPG1.) Cut your existing plant to the height you want. I always cut them to a height  depending on the size of the pot I am planting them in.

2.)Pull off any dead leaves and dust off spider webs. I have found that brushing them with a paint brush helps to clean them easily. Use gloves when handling prickly ones like aloe or an cacti. Lay them out for a day in the sun to dry and seal the cut end. This step is important because you want the succulent to make a seal so that when you plant it, no moisture can get into the middle of the plant and cause mold or other disease.


3.)Choose a new or old pot and put a piece of mesh or coffee filter to cover the bottom hole, then layer a small layer of small rocks to help with drainage. Lastly mix  3/4 potting soil, 1/4 sand and fill to the top of the pot or wherever you want your plants to poke out. I have found that Marshalls and Joann’s always seems to have nice inexpensive pots for inside and outside.


IMG_9174IMG_85634.) Lastly arrange your succulents in your pot. If you want just one big plant in a pot, perfect. If you want to arrange 3 small ones in one pot, awesome! Do whatever makes you happy. I personally like to put 3 small plants in one pot then I usually cover the top of the soil with small pebbles and if it’s a bigger pot I will put in a few bigger rocks just to add some dimension and to help with drainage.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 5.11.28 PM.png

  1. Cement Planter 2. Cement planter with stand 3. Rosemary painting(free download)  4. Aged Terra cotta pot set  5. Thyme painting (free download)  6. White planter with stand 7.Hobnail planters 8. Succulent starter kit   9. Pot and wood crate set 10. Olive tree painting(free download) 11. Chalkboard plant stand


That’s it! Easy peasy! Now just arrange them around your seating area, on your outdoor table, or in your home. Succulents are a great plant to bring greenery into your home or around your patio without having too much upkeep and maintenance. Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any questions! Happy Weekend!



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