Free Christmas Decorations

Having 2 toddler boys has been challenging to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, I LOOOOOVVVEE having boys! I love that they laugh at burping and farting(already) and that they love cars and trucks and that they are rough and tough. I love it. I don’t love that I have had more things broken in my house these last two years than any other time ever! So to be honest, I was not looking forward to the holiday season this year. The way I decorate my home is never a ton of stuff, but I do like to have it in many corners of my house. High, low… all over. In our forever home, my husband and I like to have 2 Christmas trees. One is fake and in our downstairs playroom. This one is our designated Disney tree. Ever since we were engaged, my husband and I have made it a tradition to go to Disneyland during Christmas time. More specifically during the first weekend of December when they have their Candlelight processional. It is basically church at Disneyland and it is AMAZING!! Check out my friends at Magic Kingdom Mamas for more info on that.

Anyways, we have gotten an ornament every year to commemorate our trip as a family. We have also accumulated a lot of other ornaments that we have collected over the years, needless to say, our Disney ornaments need their own tree( notice how I only decorated the top of the tree🙈). So we have a tree down in the playroom and we have our real tree up in the living room in our corner window. This one we decorate with ornaments we have had since we first got married, as well as other ‘event’ ornaments we have gotten over the years. With much anxiety, I did not pull out any of our breakable ornaments for that tree, just the soft ornaments.

To try and still be Christmasy this year, I opted to add more greenery to our home to not only make it look great, but it also makes it smell amazing! And to top it off, it was all free. Just took some time and some floral wire that I had from a previous project, and voila. Beautiful green winter wonderland!

It is so easy, anyone can do it. All you need is the tree trimmings from your local Christmas tree lot(just ask, they throw them away anyways) some floral wire, and some extra additions if you want(pine cones, holly berries, eucalyptus, etc). My boys and I go on nature walks around our neighborhood with baskets in hand, so we collected our pine cones from our neighbors house. I also clip eucalyptus from one of our neighbors trees too but you could find that at places like Trader Joe’s. The first thing you do is clip the pieces down and just start layering them on top of each other. Wrap the wire around as you go. You can keep it in one long piece for a garland, or wrap it into a circle for a wreath. To add your embellishments, just wrap some wire around them and then wrap the wire to your garland or wreath. Done. Easy Peasy.

(Don’t look at my “child proofing”attempts with string 🙈☝🏼)Another tradition we have applied to our home is placing pictures of past Christmas’s from our families. It is always fun to see our parents when they were young as well as our childhood pictures.We Just pack them away with our Christmas decorations so we can easily pull them out every year.Side note: we took this small picture of Charles’ dad in front of the Christmas tree in our house from when he was little and blew it up and put it on canvas at Costco. It came out so good!! Especially since it was a small picture to begin with. Super impressed. It has been so fun to display this photo of our home from Christmas’s long ago to feel connected to the life that was before us in our home.

Hopefully I have inspired you to do some more decorating for the holidays! What ways do you and your family decorate for the holiday season? Feel free to comment below!

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