Minimalist Christmas

I don’t know about you, but I felt like this year flew by! It seems like I just wrote a post on Christmas decor but that was almost a year ago. Crazy. For some reason, this Christmas season has been very different for me than years past. My mindset has definitely been switched from how I can do amazing things in my home, to how can I do the least amount with the most impact.

In October of this year, I purchased a book by Myquillyn Smith called Cozy Minimalist Home. I really didn’t expect it to change my mindset as much as it has. I have followed Myquillyn for awhile on Instagram(@thenester) and I know that she is big when it comes to simple home decor, but the words from her book really rang through. Myquillyn has an online class where she walks you through what it means to be a cozy minimalist. She talks about how she moved alot and found that she was lugging around the same red and green Christmas storage boxes and it just became too much. She talks about how you can have a home that changes seasonally without clutter and seasonal decor boxes in your storage.

In my own home, it is so hard to be a minimalist. With 2 toddler boys, lots of hand me down treasures, and a husband who is very sentimental about certain family heirlooms, it is really really hard to live minimally. I have a great friend who I can talk for hours with about living a minimalist lifestyle. The Netflix documentary, books, facebook groups… you name it we have done it. So this past year, I tried a new mindset for myself. You control you. So, I started small by going through my wardrobe. I am still working on it, but have mostly paired down to a capsule wardrobe, just keeping key pieces that I love and wear a lot. My goal for this new year is to translate that over into my home. 

I have started this new journey with my Christmas decor. Last year (see my decor from last Christmas here) I started to pair down, but this year I barely used what was in my many bins of decorations(yard sale here I come). This year I went for more of a natural decoration style, using handmade elements, and disposable pieces. I wanted it to feel less cluttered with ornaments, but still feel cozy. I did put up my ornaments I made for my boys with their hospital caps and bracelets in them, I couldn’t NOT put those up lol. One key thing I’ve picked up from the Cozy Minimalist Home book, is to use texture to make your home feel soft, cozy, and festive by using pillow covers and throw blankets instead of putting “stuff” on every surface of your home. I have kept a lot of my pillows from past years, but I also added a few that I thought would not only feel Christmasy, but I could keep out in other seasons. 

I used magnolia leaves, cotton ball stems that I already had, and pine cones I had, to act as fillers among our beautiful fresh tree we found. I also kept my burlap(for those of you who know me know I LOVE burlap) really to add color and dimension, then I added popcorn string, fresh cut eucalyptus branches and dehydrated orange slices that I made into a garland to finish it off. I also added little ‘critter’ ornaments that I already had, mainly for my boy’s enjoyment 🙂 Overall, I am really loving how it came out. Comment below with what you think about it!

It is still a work in progress with me, I think its the creative side of my brain, but I am really happy with how my holiday decorating came out this year for our home. I feel that it is something that I can continue to do in future years, but I feel better about it all because I am down to 1 box of decorations rather than 10. 

My sister lives in Washington and always sends a box of fun for the boys ❤️

Hope this inspires you with your holiday home decorations. It’s still not too late to add a few natural elements to your home before the big day. Merry Christmas!!

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